Beautify PHP

version 0.5.0, 08.05.2003

This online demo is limited in file upload size and execution time and will throw an error after 10 secs. Please download the source for free for further testing without these limitations.

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What is Beautify PHP?

This program tries to reformat and beautify PHP source code files automatically. The program is Open Source and distributed under the terms of GNU GPL. WARNING! It can produce unexpected output. Always save your work and preview the formatted code before using it.

PHP-File to reformat:
Select settings of braces:
Braces PEAR-style Braces C-style
Select highlight mode:
Highlight code Plain text
 Use Spaces 
 Use tabs
More options:
 Max chars per line  Code will not work anymore!!! Use it for printing only
 Delete empty lines 
 List the functions as an overview at beginning of the document 
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